Thursday, 13 September 2012

Another Anzac day has passed and I still feel cynical when so many people refer to our service personel of past wars as 'heroes',  and of their 'making the ultimate sacrifice'.  In most cases they were quite ordinary young people with a normal interest in adventure. They were not intending to sacrifice themselves. At the time of enlisting they probably considered themselves bulletproof.

They answered a call from the polititians to help win battles that should have been fought over the conference table.  Deeper economic and selfish political interests have often made armed conflict the preferred option.These servicemen were the naive tools of their respective Governments.  In the second world war there were over 25 million of them sacrificed. Heroes they were not, as they were responsible for over 30 million civilian deaths in that war.

They should be remembered, however, putting them on pedstals does not help our children understand the futility of war.


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